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About Conference

Allied Academies amiably summons all the participants to attend "5th International Webinar on Magnetism and Magnetic Materials" during February 22-23, 2021.

Allied Academic Publication is an amalgamation of several esteemed academic and scientific associations known for promoting scientific temperament. Established in the year 1997, Andrew John Publishing Group is a specialized Medical publisher that operates in collaboration with the association and societies.  This publishing house has been built on the base of esteemed academic and research institutions including The College of Audiologists and Speech Language Pathologists of Ontario(CASLPO), The Association for Public Safety Communications Officials of Canada (APCO), The Canadian Vascular Access Association (CVAA), The Canadian Society of Internal Medicine (CSIM), The Canadian Hard of Hearing Association (CHHA), Sonography Canada, Canadian Association of Pathologists (CAP-ACP) and The Canadian Association of Neurophysiologic Monitoring (CANM).

The 5th International Webinar on Magnetism and Magnetic Materials aims to bring together leading academic scientists, researchers and research scholars to exchange and share their experiences and research results about all aspects of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials. It also provides the premier interdisciplinary forum for researchers, practitioners and educators to present and discuss the most recent innovations, trends, and concerns, practical challenges encountered and the solutions adopted in the field of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials.

Worldwide demand for permanent mag-nets, which totaled $11 billion in 2014, is forecast to climb 7.3 percent annually through 2019 to $16.2 billion. In volume terms, world magnet sales will expand 4 percent per year to over 1 million metric tons in 2019. Market gains will be driven by increases in durable goods output as economic conditions improve and the overall number of applications for magnets rises. The elimination of rare earth export quotas and taxes by the Chinese government in 2015 will also support growth, by helping to ensure that adequate raw material supplies are available on a global basis and by further easing pricing pressures following a period during which neodymium and samarium cobalt magnet costs unexpectedly spiked.

Welcome Message

Welcome to the 4th International Congress on Magnetism and Magnetic Materials. The Conference will be held during February 22-23, 2021. The Conference will encompass all aspects of magnetism from fundamental physics and new materials to apply magnetic and device technologies. In Magnetism and Magnetic Materials Conference brings together members of the international scientific and engineering communities interested in recent developments on all aspects of fundamental and applied magnetism. Topics range from: fundamental magnetism to advances in magnetic recording, emerging applications in energy and power technologies, and bio magnetism. This Conference provides an outstanding opportunity for world-wide participants to meet their colleagues and collaborators and discuss developments in all areas of magnetism research.


Track 1: Magnetism and Magnetic Materials

Attraction is a class of physical wonders that are intervened by attractive fields. Electric streams and the attractive snapshots of rudimentary particles offer ascent to an attractive field, which follows up on different ebbs and flows and attractive minutes. The most natural impacts happen in ferromagnetic materials, which are unequivocally pulled in by attractive fields and can be polarized to wind up perpetual magnets, creating attractive fields themselves. Just a couple of substances are ferromagnetic; the most widely recognized ones are iron, nickel and cobalt and their compounds.

  • Para magnetism
  • Chemical magnetism
  • Diamagnetism
  • Bio magnetism
  • One dimensional magnetism
  • Molecular magnetism
  • Computational magnetism
  • Ferro magnetism
  • Ferrimagnetism
  • Anti-ferromagnetism
  • Highly frustrated magnetism
  • Super Para-magnetism

Track 2: Materials Science and Engineering

Materials Science and Engineering is an acclaimed clinical subject, increasing in current many years to surround polymers, ceramics, glass, composite materials and biomaterials. Materials science and engineering, includes the discovery and layout of recent substances. Many of the maximum pressing scientific problems humans currently face are because of the constraints of the substances that are to be had and, as an end result, main breakthroughs in materials technology are in all likelihood to affect the future of generation considerably. Materials scientists lay strain on expertise how the records of a material influence its structure, and accordingly its homes and overall performance. All engineered products from airplanes to musical devices, opportunity power sources related to ecologically-friendly manufacturing techniques, clinical devices to synthetic tissues, pc chips to records garage devices and plenty of more are crafted from substances. In truth, all new and adjusted materials are frequently at the heart of product innovation in highly various applications. The worldwide market is projected to reach $6,000 million by means of 2020 and lodge a CAGR of 10.2% among 2015 and 2020 in terms of really worth. The North American vicinity remains the biggest marketplace, followed via Asia-Pacific. The Europe marketplace is envisioned to be developing at a regular price due to monetary redeem inside the area at the side of the increasing challenge for the constructing insulation and energy financial savings.

  • Biomaterials
  • Computational Materials Science
  • Materials for Energy
  • Nanomaterial
  • Optoelectronic & Magnetic Materials
  • Structural Materials
  • Metals
  • Polymers
  • Ceramics

Track 3: Nano Science and Nano technology

The expression "Nano" isn't new and is only a prefix for 10-9. Be that as it may, it makes the 'universe of materials' exceedingly captivating when the span of materials begins to reach underneath 100 nm. Shockingly, outlandish marvels begin to happen when the measure of material achieves 15-30 nm or beneath. The appearances of Nano-impact can be as different as perception of quantum fluorescence in CdSe delineated by an adjustment in the shading from red to violet as the molecule measure diminishes, or fortifying of a heretofore weak artistic framework by support with carbon nanotubes, or interface building to accomplish improved quality in materials, for example, metallic glasses. Regularly, because of size requirements, one needs to utilize particular methods to describe the structure and properties of nanomaterial requiring utilization of complex portrayal instruments, for example, high determination filtering and transmission electron microscopy, nuclear power and examining burrowing microscopy, Nano-space and Nano-control.

  • Advanced nanomaterial’s
  • Synthesis of nanomaterial’s and properties
  • Magnetic microscopy and imaging
  • Thin Films, nanotube
  • Magnetic microscopy and imaging
  • Magneto photonics
  • Nano magnetism
  • Magnetic clusters, nanoparticles and nanowires
  • Multilayer films and super lattices
  • Nanofibers, Nanorods , Advanced Nano materials
  • Nano electronics
  • Magneto plasmonics
  • Thin Films, nanotubes
  • Nanowires
  • Nano electronics
  • Nano structures and devices
  • Multilayer films and super lattices
  • Nano materials
  • Nano structures and devices
  • Nano photonics
  • Micro magnetic modelling
  • Nano crystalline materials
  • Synthesis of nanomaterial and properties
  • Magnetic clusters, nanoparticles and nanowires
  • Micro magnetic modelling

Track 4: Nano Magnetism & Quantum Dots

Quantum Dots and Magnetic Nanoparticles have bunches of uses in explanatory strategies. Quantum Dots are semiconductor nanoparticles whose digital power ranges are impressively managed with the aid of the molecule measurements. This manipulate occurs due to quantum repression. QDs are beneficial as an investigative device due to its brilliant optical houses. These optical residences contain of restricted outflow spectra, huge absorbance spectra, discharge wavelength which is flexible by way of converting the volume of the molecule, excessive quantum effectiveness and coffee photo bleaching charges. MNPs are manufactured from magnetite (Fe3O4) or magnetite (?â€Â?Fe2O3). The typically low poisonous exceptional of iron oxides take into consideration their usage in vivo packages.

  • Quantum science and technology
  • Quantum dot photodetectors
  • Optical communications and networking
  • Quantum dots in development of Nanomedicine
  • Electronic and ionic conduction
  • Magnetic Quantum dots in spintronic semiconductor devices
  • Light-Emitting Quantum Dots with Tunable and Equalized Fluorescence Brightness

Track 5: Advances in Material Science

Materials science is a hybridizing field which is specifically of layout and discovery of recent materials. It is the primary educational discipline emerged by way of chemistry of fusion rather fission. The new academic discipline emerged via fusion of metallurgy, ceramics, stable-country physics and chemistry is the sphere which deals with identity, take a look at and layout of substances. Several residences namely bonding nature, shape, form and numerous different traits of a cloth is observed so that the materials can be used to their maximum benefit in respective regions. The discipline is crucial each from a studies angle, as well as from a commercial one.

  • Surface Engineering
  • MetaMaterial Technologies
  • Femto Technology
  • Ceramics and Polymers
  • Supramolecular Chemistry
  • Artificial Self-Cleaning Surfaces
  • Graphene
  • Designing and Processing of Materials
  • Electronic and Photonic Materials

Track 6: Smart Materials

Smart Materials are hybrid substances which can be composed of varied stages which considerably change if any outside stimuli are applied which includes temperature, pressure, magnetic or electric fields. Which permit the engineering of desired houses? Proper modelling, simulation, and manipulate help in integrated device layout of clever substances. Piezoelectric and Ferroelectric materials produce an electric cutting-edge while they're positioned below mechanical stress. Due to their fast electromechanical reaction and their low strength requirement, piezoelectric materials are widely used inside the structural manage programs. Electroluminescent materials are semiconductors which allow exit of the mild through it. Shape-reminiscence alloys have the ability to return to their authentic form whilst heated from the deformed shape.

  • Magnetostrictive materials & Magnetic shape memory alloys
  • Smart inorganic polymers
  • PH-sensitive polymers
  • Temperature-responsive polymers
  • Halochromic materials
  • Chromogenic systems
  • Ferrofluid
  • Colour-changing materials
  • Photomechanical materials
  • Polycaprolactone
  • Self-healing materials
  • Dielectric elastomers
  • Magnetocaloric materials
  • Thermoelectric materials
  • Chemoresponsive Materials

Track 7: Magneto electronic Materials

A magneto is an electrical generator that uses permanent magnets to produce periodic pulses of alternating current. Unlike a dynamo, a magneto does not contain a commutator to produce direct current. It is categorized as a form of alternator, although it is usually considered distinct from most other alternators, which use field coils rather than permanent magnets. Hand-cranked magneto generators were used to provide ringing current in telephone systems. Magnetos were also adapted to produce pulses of high voltage in the ignition systems of some gasoline-powered internal combustion engines to provide power to the spark plugs.

  • Hetero-structures
  • Half-metallic materials
  • Magneto electric
  • Magnetic oxides
  • Magnetic tunnel
  • Tunnel magneto resistance
  • Giant magneto resistance
  • Complex oxides
  • Sputter growth
  • Chemical sensors
  • Functional oxides
  • Hall effect

Track 8: Electromagnetism

The electromagnetic power assumes a noteworthy part in deciding the inside properties of most questions experienced in everyday life. Standard issue takes its frame because of intermolecular powers between singular iotas and atoms in issue, and is an appearance of the electromagnetic power. Electrons are bound by the electromagnetic power to nuclear cores, and their orbital shapes and their effect on adjacent molecules with their electrons is portrayed by quantum mechanics. The electromagnetic power represents the procedures engaged with science, which emerge from associations between the electrons of neighbouring iotas.

  • Magneto-dielectric materials
  • Magnetism and magnetic fields
  • Electric currents in magnetic fields
  • Electromagnetic induction
  • Magneto-electric phenomena
  • Magneto-resistance
  • Magneto-impedance
  • Magnetic sensors
  • Electromagnetic devices
  • Electromagnetic radiation

Track 9: Spintronics

Spintronics (a portmanteau importance turn transport electronics) otherwise called turn gadgets, is the investigation of the natural turn of the electron and its related attractive minute, notwithstanding its central electronic charge, in strong state devices. Spintronics on a very basic level contrasts from customary hardware in that, notwithstanding charge state, electron turns are abused as a further level of opportunity, with suggestions in the effectiveness of information stockpiling and exchange. Spintronic frameworks are frequently acknowledged in weaken attractive semiconductors (DMS) and Heusler composites and are specifically compelling in the field of quantum figuring.

  • Spin frustration
  • Spin effects
  • Graphene and topological insulators
  • Spin injection
  • Quantum spin liquids
  • Spin transfer torques
  • Spin orbitronics
  • Semiconductor spintronics
  • Antiferromagnetic spintronics
  • Spin glasses
  • Spin waves
  • Magnetic skymions
  • Spin structure

Track 10: Magnetization Dynamics

The tremendous capability of ultrafast turn control for applications in data stockpiling, preparing and recovery invigorates a developing enthusiasm for the energized states and non-balance properties of attractive structures. The rudimentary quanta of excitations in a requested troupe of attractive minutes are magnums, otherwise called spin waves when found in the wave picture. An exact learning of the range of spin wave excitations is important for fitting the usefulness of attractive nanostructures.

  • Hysteresis modelling
  • Magnetic recording
  • Ultrafast switching
  • Magnetization damping
  • Vortex dynamics
  • Magnetic imaging
  • Magnonics
  • Domain walls
  • Micro magnetics
  • Magnetic microscopy 

Track 11: Hard Magnetic Materials

Changeless magnets, or hard attractive materials, emphatically oppose demagnetization once charged. They are utilized, for instance, in engines, amplifiers, meters, and holding gadgets, and have cervicitis Hc from a few hundred to a huge number of oversteps (10 to more than 100 kA/m). The majority of business lasting magnets are of the earthenware write, trailed by the Alnicos and the cobalt-samarium, press neodymium, press chromium-cobalt, and extended single-space (ESD) types in diminishing grouping of utilization. The general nature of a perpetual magnet is spoken to by the most noteworthy vitality item (BH)m; however relying upon the plan contemplations, high Hc, high remaining enlistment Br (the attractive acceptance when H is diminished to zero), and reversibility of porousness may likewise be controlling variables.

  • Quantum devices
  • Glass materials
  • Intermetallic materials
  • Hard magnet processing
  • Ceramics
  • Rare-earth transition metal borides
  • Magnetic data storage
  • Permanent magnets

Track 12: Soft Magnetic Materials

These materials are described by their low misfortune and high penetrability. There are an assortment of composites utilized with different blends of attractive properties, mechanical properties, and cost. There are seven noteworthy gatherings of financially imperative materials: iron and low-carbon steels, press silicon amalgams, press aluminum-silicon composites, nickel-press combinations, press cobalt compounds, ferrites, and undefined composites.

  • Hysteresis loop
  • Magnetostriction
  • Crystalline alloys
  • Power adaption
  • Magnetic field screening
  • Ferrites and garnets
  • Power conversion
  • Signal transfer
  • Amorphous

Track 13: Special Magnetic Materials

Uncommon Magnetic materials are those materials which are considered and utilized essentially for their attractive properties. The attractive reaction of an extraordinary attractive material is to a great extent controlled by the attractive dipole minute related with the characteristic rakish force, or turn, of its electrons. Much as a few materials show ferromagnetic properties, which means they frame changeless magnets, some are known to display ferroelectric properties, where the material has an unconstrained electric polarization. Once in a while, materials have both these properties, and are known as multiferroics.

  • Magneto-photonic crystals
  • Cavity opto-magnonics
  • Magneto-caloric materials
  • Millimetres-wave materials
  • Microwave materials
  • Magneto-optics
  • Magneto-elastic materials

Track 14: Geomagnetism

Earth's attractive field, is otherwise called the geomagnetic field, is the attractive field that reaches out from the Earth's inside out into space, where it meets the sunlight based breeze, a flood of charged particles exuding from the Sun. Roughly it is the field of an attractive dipole presently tilted at an edge of around 11 degrees regarding Earth's rotational hub, as though there were a bar magnet put at that edge at the focal point of the Earth. The North geomagnetic post, situated close Greenland in the northern side of the equator, is really the south shaft of the Earth's attractive field, and the South geomagnetic post is the north post. The attractive field is created by electric streams because of the movement of convection ebbs and flows of liquid iron in the Earth's external centre driven by warm getting away from the centre, a characteristic procedure called a geodynamic.

  • Thermoremanent magnetization
  • Pale magnetism
  • Magnetosphere
  • Geomagnetic field
  • Archeomagnetism
  • Interplanetary magnetic field
  • Magnetic and mineralogical studies

Track 15: Structured Materials

Basic materials will be materials utilized or considered essentially for their mechanical properties, instead of their electronic, attractive, concoction or optical attributes. This can incorporate a materials reaction to a connected power, regardless of whether this reaction is versatile or plastic, its hardness, and its quality. Basic materials are characterized presenting to the classification of material, as metallic, non-metallic, and arrangement materials; rendering to plan, as deformable, cast, sintered, formed, stuck, welded; standing to working conditions, as low-temperature materials and materials impenetrable to warm, crumbling, scrambling, wear, fuel, and oil; and as indicated by strength, as low-and medium-sturdiness materials, with vast speculations of versatility, and high-toughness materials, with unobtrusive ventures of pliancy.

  • Exchange bias
  • 2D and 3D magnetic structures
  • Magnetic anisotropy
  • Thin films and surface effects
  • Multi-layered films and super lattices
  • Electronic structure
  • Patterned films

Track 16: Magneto Statistics

Magneto stratigraphy is a geophysical connection method used to date sedimentary and volcanic successions. The technique works by gathering focused examples at estimated interims all through the area. The examples are broke down to decide their trademark remnant polarization (ChRM), that is, the extremity of Earth's attractive field at the time a stratum was stored. This is conceivable in light of the fact that volcanic streams obtain a thermoremanent charge and silt gets a depositional remnant polarization, both of which mirror the bearing of the Earth's field at the season of arrangement. This strategy is ordinarily used to date arrangements that for the most part need fossils or intermeddled molten shake.

  • Magnetization
  • Amperes Law
  • Magnetic Field
  • Magnetic Flux
  • Magnetic Dipole Moment
  • Gauss’s Law
  • Biot-Savart Law

Track 17: Functional Magnetic Materials

The use of attraction and attractive materials swarms our cutting edge progress as electrical power, correspondences and data stockpiling. The power and significance of such applications are reflected in the multi-billion dollar for every year advertises for attractive materials in three expansive territories: hard magnets, delicate magnets, and attractive recording. Continuous advancement in the field of attractive materials has not, be that as it may, stayed limited to these all around distinguished zones. Frequently classes of attractive materials are found with fascinating usefulness, which fortify the development of new innovation. In this article we talk about some such attractive materials, where a strong to-strong thermodynamic stage change offers ascend to fascinating practical properties with cutting edge applications.

  • Magneto-caloric materials and devices
  • Molecular magnets
  • Magneto-photonic crystals
  • Cavity opto-magnonics
  • Magneto electronic materials and phenomena
  • Heavy fermion systems
  • Magneto-elastic materials and devices
  • Multifunctional magnetic materials
  • Thin films and surface effects
  • Multi-layered films and super lattices
  • Patterned films
  • 2D and 3D magnetic structures
  • Magnetic anisotropy
  • Magnetic fluids and separations


Track 18: Superconductivity and Super fluidity

Right now there is a typical conviction that the clarification of superconductivity marvel lies in understanding the instrument of the arrangement of electron sets. Matched electrons, be that as it may, can't shape a superconducting condensate unexpectedly. These combined electrons perform messy zero-point motions and there is no power of fascination in their outfit. With a specific end goal to make a bound together troupe of particles, the sets must request their zero-point changes so a fascination between the particles shows up. Because of this requesting of zero-point motions in the electron gas, superconductivity emerges. This model of build-up of zero-point motions makes the likelihood of having the capacity to get gauges for the basic parameters of basic superconductors, which are in acceptable concurrence with the deliberate information. It is thusly settled that both related wonders depend on the same physical instrument.

  • Strongly correlated electrons systems (SCES)
  • Ferro fluids
  • High-Tc cu prates
  • Fe-based superconductivity
  • Superconductivity at Nano scale
  • Magnetic fluids
  • Magnetic superconductors
  • Organic superconductivity
  • Boron-based superconductivity
  • Conductors and insulators
  • Magnetic semiconductors
  • Superconducting materials

Track 19: Novel Magnetic Materials and Device Applications

Hard magnets are connected in the information stockpiling simple and information stockpiling advanced. Delicate magnets are utilized for the assembling of transformers which are connected in control adaption, flag exchanging and attractive field screening. Extraordinary turn structures in multi-layered materials are connected in quantum gadgets through the items like GMR perusing head and MRAM.

  • Transformers
  • Sensors
  • Power electronics
  • Inductors
  • Magnetic levitation
  • High frequency devices
  • Power devices
  • Magnetic propulsion
  • Magnetic shielding
  • Low-dimensional systems
  • Heavy fermion systems
  • Magnetic measurements

Track 20: Polymer Science and Materials

A polymer is lengthy tie atom made up numerous rehashing units, called monomers. Polymers can be everyday (herbal) or engineered. They are all around the place: in plastics (bottles, toys, vinyl siding, bundling), splendour care products, shampoos and different hair thoughts items, contact focal factors, nature (crab shells, golden), sustenance (proteins, starches, gelatine, gum, gluten), texture, balls, tennis footwear, and even for your DNA! A bottle includes an extremely thick polymer arrangement produced the use of just 2% high sub-atomic weight poly (ethylene oxide) broke up in ninety eight% water. Nanoparticles or Nano fillers dispersed in the polymer matrix. Plastic packaging for meals and non-food programs is non-biodegradable, and also makes use of up precious and scarce non-renewable sources like petroleum. With the contemporary focus on exploring alternatives to petroleum and emphasis on reduced environmental effect, research is increasingly being directed at development of biodegradable food packaging from biopolymer-based totally materials. A biomaterial is any be counted, floor, or construct that interacts with organic structures. As a technology, biomaterials are about fifty years vintage.

  • Polymer Science,
  • Polymer Nanotechnology
  • Polymers as Materials
  • Renewable Resources and Polymers
  • Applications of Polymers
  • Polymers in Biotechnology, Medicine and Health
  • Future Market of Polymers

Track 21: Microfluidics and Fluid Mechanics

Microfluidics manages the behaviour, specific control and control of beverages that are geometrically obliged to a little, regularly sub-millimetre, scale. It is a multidisciplinary area at the convergence of building, material science, science, herbal chemistry, nanotechnology, and biotechnology, with affordable packages inside the plan of frameworks in which low volumes of drinks are handled to perform multiplexing, robotization, and excessive-throughput screening. It is a department of continuum mechanics, a topic which models matter without making use of the information that it is produced from iotas; this is, it demonstrates matter from a naturally visible angle in preference to from tiny. Fluid mechanics, in particular liquid glide, is a dynamic area of studies with numerous troubles that are in most cases or entirely unsolved. Liquid mechanics may be scientifically intricate, and may great be fathomed by way of numerical techniques, regularly using PCs. An superior educate, known as computational liquid factors (CFD), is devoted to this manner to address looking after liquid mechanics issues. Molecule image velocimetry, a trial method for envisioning and breaking down liquid stream, additionally exploits the highly visual nature of liquid movement.


Track 22: Emerging Materials

The capacity of a state to harness nature in addition to its potential to cope up with the challenges posed by way of it is determined via its entire information of materials and its potential to develop and produce them for various programs. Advanced Materials are on the coronary heart of many technological developments that contact our lives. Electronic substances for verbal exchange and statistics generation, optical fibres, laser fibres sensors for the smart surroundings, power materials for renewable power and surroundings, mild alloys for better transportation, materials for strategic packages and more. Advanced substances have a much broader function to play in the upcoming destiny years because of its a couple of uses and may be of a greater assist for entire humanity. The global market for conformal coating on electronics market the market is expected to develop at a CAGR of 7% from 2015 to 2020. The international market for polyurethanes has been growing at a CAGR (2016-2021) of 6.9%, pushed by way of various software industries, along with car; bedding and fixtures; building and construction; packaging; electronics and shoes. In 2015, Asia-Pacific dominated the global polyurethanes marketplace, followed by way of Europe and North America. BASF, Bayer, Dow Chemical, Mitsui Chemicals, Nippon Polyurethanes, Trelleborg, Woodbridge are some of the primary manufacturers of polyurethanes across regions.

  • Sensing and actuation
  • Structural health monitoring
  • Smart biomaterials
  • Smart building materials and structures
  • Architecture and cultural heritage
  • Smart robots
  • Smart materials in drug delivery systems
  • Sensors and smart structures technologies for Civil, Mechanical, and Aerospace systems
  • Thin films and thick films 

Track 23: Future of Materials

A good reminiscence isn't something which money should purchase. Smart Materials have the ability to return to their unique shape after the removal of strain. Thus the reminiscence of those will play a key function in a way that many styles of merchandise are designed and assembled inside the future. There are several programs for the era within the Automotive, Aerospace, Appliance, Medical and Electronics industries.

  • Current Research and Patents
  • Scope for Research and Patents
  • Futuristic Applications’

Past Conference Report

Thanks for attending Magnetic Materials 2019!!

3rd International Congress on Magnetism and Magnetic Materials has been successfully completed - The 3rd edition – and we must Thank the attendees. The Organizing Committee, Ad-Sponsors & Media partners and everyone else that helped to make this 3rd International Conference on Magnetism and Magnetic Materials with the theme: Advanced and Recent developments in the area of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials

To Attendees,


We hope that you obtained the kind of advance technical information in the arena of Material Science and Engineering that you were seeking, and that your role in the field has been enhanced via your participation. We hope that you were able to take part in all the sessions and take advantage of the tremendous advancements in Magnetism, Materials Science and Engineering that scientists are working with.

If you have any feedback for us for future consideration or enhancements of this Conference, please provide your feedback to Conference Manager.

Avya Casa at

The meeting covered various sessions, in which the discussions included the scientific tracks:

Magnetism and Magnetic Materials


Hard and Soft Magnetic Materials

Spintronics Effects and Devices

Materials Science and Engineering

Superconductivity and Superfluidity

Functional Magnetic Materials

Magnetization Dynamics


Nano Materials and Nanotechnology


The Keynote presentations were given by:


E K HLIL | Université Grenoble Alpes, France

Vladimir V Matveev | Saint Petersburg State University, Russia

Hung-Duen Yang | National Sun Yat-Sen University, Taiwan

We offer its heartfelt appreciation to organizations and other eminent personalities who supported the conference by promoting in various modes online and offline which helped the conference reach every nook and corner of the globe. We also took privilege to felicitate the Keynote Speakers, Organizing Committee Members, Chairs and sponsors who supported this event.

With the grand success of Magnetic Materials 2019, we are proud to announce the "4th International Webinar on Magnetism and Magnetic Materials” to be held during August 17-18, 2020.

 Bookmark your dates: We hope to see you at Magnetic Materials 2020 during August 17-18, 2020

Organizing Committee
OCM Member
Georgios K. Kertsopoulos
Independent Private Inventor
Athens, Greece
OCM Member
Alexander S. Kamzin
Ioffe Physical Technical Institute
Moscow , Russia
OCM Member
Claudia Masselli
University of Salerno
Salerno, Italy
OCM Member
Rachid Masrour
University of Cadi Ayyad
Casablanca, Morocco
OCM Member
Osman Adiguzel
Professor, Department of Physics
Firat University
Nigde, Turkey
OCM Member
Nikolay V. Kudrevatykh
Ural Federal University
Moscow, Russia
OCM Member
Dr. Sumit Kumar Gupta
Ph. D, Science
Parishkar college of global Excellence Jaipur
Jaipur, India
OCM Member
professor, Physics
Université Grenoble Alpes, France
Jawhara city, France
OCM Member
Vladimir V Matveev
Saint Petersburg State University
Moscow, Russia
OCM Member
Hung-Duen Yang
Ph D, Physics
National Sun Yat-Sen University, Taiwan
Keelung, Taiwan
OCM Member
Ali Oubelkacem
Ph D, Physics
Moulay Ismail University
Errachidia, Morocco

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If the registrant is unable to attend and is not in a position to transfer his/her participation to another person or event, then the following refund arrangements apply:

Keeping in view of advance payments towards Venue, Printing, Shipping, Hotels and other overheads, we had to keep Refund Policy is as following slabs-

  • Before 90 days of the conference: Eligible for Full Refund less $100 Service Fee
  • Within 90-60 days of Conference: Eligible for 50% of payment Refund
  • Within 60 days of Conference: Not eligible for Refund
  • E-Poster Payments will not be refunded.

Accommodation Cancellation Policy

Accommodation Providers (Hotels) have their own cancellation policies, and they generally apply when cancellations are made less than 30 days prior to arrival. Please contact us as soon as possible, if you wish to cancel or amend your accommodation. Allied Academies Ltd will advise the cancellation policy of your accommodation provider, prior to canceling or amending your booking, to ensure you are fully aware of any non-refundable deposits.

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Authorization Policy

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